Highly Refined Pirates

1. Thanks for the Killer Game of Crisco® Twister

And then we all bought yachts
and raced up to the islands.
Moored them at the docks
leading up to our cabins.

We raced up just to slow down,
and we drank some, yeah we always do
sunglasses to the water

Our girls were looking so good

Hey, please pass that dish,
and refill my glass,
take off the sunglasses,
The sun set—
take in the twilight.

And it was getting cold.
This bay’s got stories
that we don’t know
and we’ll be one of them.

2. Monkey!!! Knife!!!

‘It’s getting late,’
she said.
She touched my face,
‘Let’s stay out late as we can.’

Drive around the lake
just a little too fast,
my eyes on the lights, her hand on my shoulder
Yeah, windows down
wine in our heads
the city lights just blur

Let’s go out
on a dock
we’ll bring a bottle and a blanket.
And everything,
yeah, everything is going our way.

Lean in to me.

3. Absinthe Party at the Fly Honey Warehouse

Hey, let’s cross the sea
and get some culture.
Red wine with every meal
and absinthe after dinner.
We’d look good side by side
walking back to the hotel.

We’ve got to get something
to eat and to drink yeah,
and find a place too stay
that’s not far off the main way—
we’ve got to plan our day:
Rodan and the Orsay,
and find a way to cram it all in
before we drink hard again.

Let’s get a bottle and drink alone tonight

‘This light looks good on you,’
morning came early.
Sitting on a park bench
that’s older than my country.
Two star hotel
near St. Germain.
Two star hotel
where the stars don’t mean anything.

4. Hey, Wanna Throw Up?


5. Get Me Naked 2: Electric Boogaloo

Try to get some rest,
count backward from ten.

You’ve gone too long without sleep.
I know you can’t rest stressed, so give up.
Don’t say no to pills.
Ativan won’t kill.

You said, ‘My life’s like a bad movie,’
I said, ‘That’s true of all us.’
You said, ‘I’ve got to wake up so fucking early,’
I said, ‘Maybe the director’s turned on us.’
Outside the 5 sounds like the ocean,
relax, don’t keep your eyes open,
don’t look at the clock,
your brain will never stop.

Don’t say no to pills.
Ativan won’t kill.

6. We Are Not a Football Team

She was sitting on a swing
and dangling her feet
like the leaves of a tree,
I think I heard her singing.

We’re still out at 10 in the evening.

I knew her in the way that
I knew not to speak.
Quietly took a seat
and thought I’d stay for a week.

7. You Kill Bugs Good, Man


8. Spritz!!! Spritz!!!

We gotta get out of this one man—
8, 9 hours more we drive.
Someone has to take the wheel now man—
it’s my last mile to drive.
This is just like sailing—
the Caddie’s hydroplaning.

We’ll get time to relax,
we’ll get time to plan,
on the Westside.

The weather’s been fucking with us non-stop man—
this mountain road I can’t navigate.
With all the snow and the ice this is like a sport—
and I can’t participate.

“Highly Refined Pirates”
Suicide Squeeze S-021
CD / LP / iTunes / Stream
Released August 2002
Running Time: 51 Minutes

Produced and Engineered by Steve Fisk
Mixed by Steve Fisk and Troy Tietjen except 4, 7, 10, 12 and 14 mixed by Matt Bayles

Tracked at Studio Litho
Assisted by Dave Fisher
Mixed at AVAST!
Mastered by Ed Brooks at RFI

Additional vocals on “Get Me Naked 2: Electric Boogaloo” by Amy Blaschke

Photography by Robin Laananen
Design by David Knudson

9. Women We Haven’t Met Yet

Tonight the bay’s a pane of glass—
let’s break it.
Our bodies ache to swim
so let’s swim.
We’re drunk enough to dull the cold
take off all the clothes, let’s go.

Your feet kick slow
hands slow motion
head back eyes closed.

You slip under for a second.
You touch my leg and pull on my hand.
Come on girl no one can see this,
come on girl.

Now we got it.

10. Damn Bugs Whacked Him, Johnny


11. I Lost All My Money at the Cock Fights

All the boys are begging for her,
reaching long to grab her clothes to
pull her in every direction and
throw some game that won’t win.

This girl, she’s looking at me.
A glance over then down at her drink.
I think she’s got the right idea.
I think she’s got the right idea.

‘You come with me, we should leave,
there’s nothing interesting in this joint.

We pull stares from this whole crew
and you act like you never even knew.’

We move out to the street.
It’s raining hard—coming down in sheets.
She takes my hand, pulls hard,
and then we make the dash to her car.
I think she’s got the right idea,
I think she’s got the right idea,
‘We’re not going anywhere,’
she said, ‘We’ll just stay here.

‘You come with me, we won’t leave,
I’ll show you something interesting.’

Her hair streaked her shirt with rain
and that did something to me.

12. Andy Wolff


13. Let’s Play Guitar in a Five Guitar Band

That was the last time I ever saw her—
through a shop window, sleeves to her elbows.
I walked past and kept on walking
and lit a smoke with my hands shaking.

She was something else

A few summers ago
we spent weeks in her room
just having sex and listening to jazz
and that was the life.
But I didn’t know at the time
Blinds drawn at twelve noon
with daylight pouring through
projecting lines on her body.

Move on, move on, move on
Smoke your smoke and move on

I should go back to
see if she’s still there
standing like a statue

14. Booyah Achieved