Infinity Overhead

1. Steel and Blood

I need your eyes for a connection
Every blink you give away
I lose
You give it free, it’s gone
Spinning off in space alone

And the bourbon’s full at this point
Crack the seal and spin the top away
Yeah, the bourbon’s full at this point
Come on baby, erase it with me

Two become one
Cacophony of a car crash
Steel and blood
and its over
with the silence

I need your eyes to stay connected
keep on looking into mine
don’t move
don’t speak, don’t speak
Everything’s gonna be fine

And the bourbon’s on the pavement
shattered bottle in the front seat
and it’s broken on the pavement
Come on baby, don’t slip away

She’s bleeding out call an ambulance
These shaking hands are soaked in red

I’ll be by your bedside
when you come to
come to me

2. Lies and Eyes

He regrets having no regrets
and his long nights on the outside
letting letting it slide slide
one more time

He can’t stand it when you talk to him
in that voice that sounds like your mother
He’s watching your mouth move
he turns words into white noise
He blocks you out

What do you want?
What do you want to know?
Make a decision
it never feels like the right time to go
You think he’s a liar
so save your sorrow

He wants to want nothing
nothing to do with a woman
you fall in love with his lies and eyes
and you think that he listens

while you act like you are losing your mind
over whatever truth you find to be a lie
as he fades out of the room
into his mind

Pick up the pieces of these words shattered across the floor
with careful hands you know these words are sharp
and you can read the blood

It spells out everything about a man
who he is and where he’s been
you watched his eyes ten thousand times
but you don’t see
maybe you’re wrong

3. Diamond Lightning

We all go down to Colson Bridge
it’s where they say all that magic is
over that dried up river bed
blocked by boulders at both ends
We all go down to Colson Bridge
where we ended and we began
infinity overhead
When I whisper are you listening?

Liquid concrete under our feet
Tripping on the constellations we see
Diamond lightning
Seeing where the seams are sewn in

We all go down to Colson Bridge
I met Lucile the first time again
canyon walls became an audience
time becomes irrelevant
We all go down to Colson Bridge
to be wedded to our accidents

4. Toska

You seem to think that you’re over it
your eyes imply you’re the blameless one
somehow as of now you think this is love

Try to read your life from memory
perspective trickery
bring on the he said she said he said she said
it’s never enough

We all need a second chance
and a third and fourth after that
Give a little and you get it back
it goes around like that

Try to read your life textually
perspective mockery
leave out the he said she said he said she said
I’m calling your bluff

I’m a fool in your pocket
like a picture in a locket

lie down with me
let me show you why
let me show all the ways I need you
listen to me
see through my lies
find what you need to be true

5. Listing

I was reliving everything you said
and then it caved in
No one else could make me feel the same
It’s how we lived
The tide is chasing us in
don’t get wet

No one can see me listing
no one can see
Don’t you miss it?
Watching me sink

Now you got me, you’re stuck in my head
and you’re not even close to where I am
Sometimes this city brings you in
lets you know we lived
Well off to whoever is him
for you and them

(Sometimes I forget just for a bit)

6. Heaven is a Ghost Town

Heaven is a ghost town
The pearly gates fell to the ground
the angels fell a thousand years before
there’s no more

They turned off the tunnel of light
No bathing in the warmth of peace
Did the Lord stop paying the lease?

Heaven is a ghost town
It’s so dark at night
and since they outlawed love
it’s gets too cold
there’s no one to hold
there’s no one here

Heaven is a ghost town

No one told the liars
No message from on high came down
that no one’s pure enough for salvation
so no need to praise that empty crown

“Infinity Overhead”
Dangerbird Records DB-090
CD / LP / iTunes / Stream
Released August 28, 2012
Running Time: 43 Minutes

Produced by Matt Bayles and Minus the Bear
Engineered and Mixed by Matt Bayles

Recorded at London Bridge Studios, Red Room Recording and Avast!
Mixed at Avast!
Assisted by Derek Moree and Stephen Hogan
Additional Engineering by Alex Rose

Mastered by Bernie Grundman 

Jake Snider — Vocals, Guitar
David Knudson — Electric & Acoustic Guitars
Erin Tate — Drums & Percussion
Alex Rose — Keyboards, Saxophone, Backing Vocals, Programming
Cory Murchy — Bass

Additional vocals on “TOSKA,” “HEAVEN IS A GHOST TOWN” and “ZEROS” by Heather Duby
French Horn on “LISTING” by Jacob Hoffman

Strings on “TOSKA,” “LISTING,” and “HEAVEN IS A GHOST TOWN” performed by Brian Eichelberger, Beth Eichelberger and Pamela Liu
String arrangements by Alex Rose, Brian Eichelberger and Matt Bayles

Piano on “DIAMOND LIGHTNING” recorded at The Piano Studio

Drum Tech — Gregg Keplinger
Guitar Techs — Randy Parsons & John Stephan

7. Empty Party Rooms

The radio is playing songs
about those loves we never get
besides this one
but then we’d have to admit it
so let’s keep it boxed up
a fiction we don’t know we’re living
pretending to have time
to take until we give it

It doesn’t matter if we let it go
Right or wrong
It doesn’t matter if we let it go
We’ll never turn this love on

I saw your eyes straight on
did I hold them for too long?
Maybe no one saw

Bringing this all up again–
We used to talk about it
in empty party rooms
How wrong we always were
when there’s nothing to be done

8. Zeros

We are common
more than we think
and so unique
to whoever’s behind the eyes
We’re the zeros
behind the billions
assigned numbers
so specific

Wake up before the sun
leave your hour
to the highway
and your day to
line the pockets
of some man with
the softest hands

Sometimes I think
that it’s all a
sick joke on the
middle class

Keep on pushing
Keep your head down
and your numbers up
I swear on my checkbook you’ll be up here soon
We’re all counting on you

Put your time in
and time again
Spend your weekends
finishing dead ends
Years go by
xeroxed days of
exchanging your life
for a paycheck

9. Lonely Gun

Living with a lonely gun
like we’re both too afraid to run
Unlike us it speaks the truth
both are waiting to be used
Like a match and a fuse
when you come together
she’s your life to lose

I wish I could turn it off
Bullets ricochet like thought
Anything to break the calm
and take my mind off this lonely gun

Every time i try to get ahold
of you, you turn to stone
bullet in the chamber, cold
Can you hear a heart beat alone?

I don’t know where the last pieces go to fix our love
We try again to fill it up

10. Cold Company

Feel your hands on the rock
Roll the rock up the hill
What did you do to deserve this hell
When you get to the top
Watch it roll down again
Are you pushing up the sun
and dragging down the moon
Did your feet get wet
when she came after you

Keep your hands on the rock
it will finish you if you stop

Cold company
Forgive me
This ain’t my stone
This ain’t my stone to roll
The skin on my hands can’t take it anymore

Feel her hands on your back
Feel the world go black
No future and no past
Here, now; alive at last
Feel your hands on the rock
roll the rock up the hill
If I slip into this dream
when I awake is it the same?

Cold company
Forgive me
This ain’t my stone
This ain’t my stone to roll
My aching feet can’t stand it anymore

Life goes on and on outside the cocoon
Inside the moth awaits his turn