Interpretaciones del Oso

1. Drilling

(P.O.S. Redo)

2. Memphis & 53rd

(FOG Remix)

3. Fulfill The Dream

(Old Italy Remix by Tyondai Braxton)

4. This Ain’t A Surfin’ Movie

(IQU 06 Mix)

5. The Fix

(Plan B Remix)

6. Hooray

(Dark Baby Remix)

7. The Game Needed Me

(The Oktopus Remix)

8. Pachuca Sunrise

(Alias Remix)

9. Michio’s Death Drive

(Michio A.K.A. Monostereo Remix)

10. El Torrente

(J. Clark Remix)

11. The Pig War

(O, Hunter Remix)

“Interpretaciones del Oso”
Suicide Squeeze S-062
CD / LP / iTunes / Stream
Released February 20, 2007
Running Time: 45 Minutes

Mastered by Ed Brooks at RFI

Thank you to all contributing artists: Stef Alexander, Andrew Broder, Tyondai Braxton, Kento Oiwa, James van Leuven, Yuuki Matthews, Alap Momin, Brendon Whitney, Michio Kihara, Jay Clark and Morgan Henderson